3 Ways You Can Help The Planet

3 Ways You Can Help The Planet

Jenna Meyers, Reporter

We’ve seen the facts and the world needs as much environmental help as possible. A topic as huge as planet health can feel overwhelming, and it’s easy to believe all control is out of your hands. These three simple everyday actions can help make your footprint on this earth a little smaller!

#1: Reduce your Meat Consumption: While this one item on your plate may be tasty, the effects it has on the planet are undeniable through years of Co2 and Global Warming research. According to the Washington Post Article, The meat industry is doing exactly what Big Oil does to fight climate action, meat production attributes, “23 percent of total global warming to the livestock sector, citing operations that use energy and fertilizer, cause deforestation, and release of methane (which has more potent warming effects than carbon dioxide)”. Since this testing, the rate of meat consumerism has only increased. While complete vegetarianism is not made or possible for everyone, simply changing one meal a week could make a difference. Choosing the planet over your taste buds one meal a week seems reasonable. 

#2: If Waste is Avoidable, Avoid It: Entering a landfill one day to drop off old furniture changed my entire idea of the waste I used daily. Hundreds of trash piles filled with unnecessary waste. The issues lie when we forget the impact we have as consumers, that our waste among thousands of others adds up. The idea that we can use one plastic item for 30 minutes and it stays on our Earth for thousands of years after is such a mind-blowing realization. If you are going out, be prepared, think ahead, and bring reusable items if possible, if you do not need a single-use item, do not use it.

#3: Speak to Others about The Crucial State of Our Planet: The only way we can ever see any form of change is if people communicate that there is a problem, speak to people about the environment! We are at a critical time in history where our planet needs to be a priority, the future truly depends on the choices that are made in the next few years. According to science after those few years, there is no return. In the article, Our planet is warming. Here’s what’s at stake if we don’t act now they state, “But climate change is not a problem that governments can solve alone; we need collaboration across regional governments, businesses, and communities as well”.