Just Keep Swimming

Just Keep Swimming

Alex Kepler, Reporter

The movie “Finding Dory” is an entertaining movie for all ages to watch. Finding Dory came out on June 17th, 2016, and the movie mainly takes place in the ocean or the marine life institute.

This movie has great animation and the pictures were very detailed. Even though new characters were added to this movie, all of the characters are still colorful and bright.  Pixar did an outstanding job at creating a new story for the second movie, and they made it fit in smoothly with Finding Nemo.

Finding Dory was mainly designed for children, but it is still a great movie for older generations. The movie Finding Dory brought back a lot of fans from Finding Nemo, and that shows they were both equally great movies.  

 In Finding Dory, the audience may all come up with a different theme and others might have more than one theme. Some people might think that you will never forget the people that have the biggest impact on your life, and others may think that the theme in Finding Dory is that it taught them to treat people the same, because you don’t know what everyone else has been through. The movie definitely has some depth and meaning behind it.