Cruella Movie Review

Cruella Movie Review

Kaileigh Stewart, Reporter

The new Disney movie, Cruella, about Cruella De Vil’s childhood and early life is astonishing. It was released on May 28, 2021 and can be streamed on Disney+. 

The movie’s plot takes place in London, England, in 1964, when Estella, who later became Cruella, was a child. She was a troublesome child and was forced to leave the school. Cruella and her mother have to move, and her mother ends up dying in the process. Estella is forced to raise herself and begins working toward her goals of becoming a fashion designer. As Estella begins to grow up as an orphan, she winds up meeting some friends named Jasper and Horace, and they become family.  

When Estella starts a new job for a fashion company, her elegance and future are recognized, which helps her to achieve her dream of becoming a fashion designer. After a feud with the Baroness, played by Emma Thompson, Estella creates an alter ego of a new mysterious designer named Cruella de Vil. Emma Stone plays Estella/Cruella in a modern day version. The movie’s plot is very well carried out and shows many intriguing moments. 

The movie takes an unexpected twist when the Baroness and Estella turn out to be mother and daughter without either knowing. This ties the story together when referring to the beginning, when her mother passes away after asking the Baroness for financial support for Estella. After their disagreement the Baroness throws Estella’s mother off a cliff, leaving her as an orphan. In retaliation, Estella creates Cruella to become better than the Baroness and strikes back, after finding out about the whole truth. 

The movie was released on May 28, 2021 and is produced by Disney. Estella’s best friends or family, Jasper and Horace, are played by Joel Fry and Paul Walter Hauser. The plot ends in a cliffhanger that hints towards a sequel. There are rumors that it starts a new version of 101 Dalmatians, as shown in the credits.