As We Honor Gabby Petito

As We Honor Gabby Petito

Trysta Washburn, Reporter

Gabby Petito, age 22, remains were found September 19, at the campsites of Bridger-Teton National Forest. 

Gabrielle Venora Petito was an American woman from Blue Point, Suffolk County, New York, who disappeared on August 30, 2021, while she was on a van life trip across the United States with her high school sweetheart and fiancé, Brian Christopher Laundrie. Her remains were found in Bridger–Teton National Forest in Wyoming on September 19, 2021. This case has been sensationalized because of the people who have been watching this case unfold on social media. 

Gabby had been traveling with her fiancé, Brian Laundrie, in a white van, and the two were documenting their cross-country road trip on Youtube and Instagram. 

On August 12, 2021, Police in Moab, Utah, responded to an “incident” that involved a domestic dispute between Gabby and Brian. A 911 recording in which a caller claimed he witnessed Laundrie allegedly “slapping” Petito and chasing her up and down a sidewalk in Moab, hitting her. Moab Police Department Chief Bret Edge said his officers responded to the incident, located the van, and pulled the couple over. On the body footage of this incident, the Utah police noticed markings on both Gabby and Brian. Utah police accused Gabby of the aggressor of the incident, and they were both separated for the night. 

On September 1st, 2021, Brian Laundrie returns to their home, where his parents also live, in North Port Florida without Gabby. After Gabby’s parents were not able to get in touch with her, they filed a missing person report. 

September 18, 2021, the North Port police department started their search for Brian Laundrie at the Carlton Reserve, a nature area with more than 80 miles of hiking trails in Venice, Florida. Soon after, on September 23, the FBI announces the US District Court of Wyoming issued a federal arrest warrant for him. He’s charged with the unauthorized use of a debit card to make unauthorized withdrawals worth more than $1,000 during the time Petito went missing.

On September 25, Duane Chapman, known as Dog the Bounty Hunter, was seen knocking on Brian’s parent’s house. Fox 13 released a video of Dog talking about where he thinks Brian is and how he is going to catch him. Dog has already found a fresh campsite that he thinks is Brian’s.

A candlelight vigil was held in Blue Point, New York, on September 24. Family, friends, and strangers held a funeral service in Holbrook, New York, on September 26. 

The search of Brian Laundrie continues as the FBI, North Point police department, and Dog the Bounty Hunter, hunt for this man.