Drone Strike in Kabul Kills Children

Drone Strike in Kabul Kills Children

Ellie Wilson, Reporter

 On August 29, 2021, just 4 weeks ago, the Biden administration sent a drone strike to Kabul. The strike killed two Americans stationed in Afghanistan working at a daycare for a Mission trip, six children under the age of eight, a twelve year old, and one parent. The news was not released to the public until September 5th. The Pentagon continues to investigate this tragic accident The Pentagon says that the Biden Administration was the cause of the missile strike in Kabul. 

Many people think this was an attack by Afghanistan and that the U.S. had nothing to do with it. However, evidence from the C.I.A., and the Pentagon stated that Biden had received information from the Taliban saying that there were ISIS soldiers planting a suicide bomb in a building in Kabul. “Ahmadi was a facilitator for the Islamic State, and that his car was packed with explosives,” says the Pentagon. According to the U.S. Central Intelligence, they said the attack still went through, with the knowledge that the information that explosives were planted in the vehicle could be false.

U.S. drones followed a truck driven by an Afghan citizen. They followed the truck for 5 hours waiting for evidence that the suicide bomb was planted in the truck. The truck was loaded up with supplies and bottles, but the United States Military had figured explosives hidden in the vehicle.

 The U.S. drone continued to follow the truck to the Ahmadi Family’s courtyard where the truck driver proceeded to get out and unload the truck packages inside a closed building. The U.S. Military launched a missile towards the truck and detonated the vehicle and building where it was unloading.

 Much to the surprise of the U.S. Military afterwards, the building they had blown up was a daycare with children inside. No one inside survived. The family mourns its loss and the Taliban receives yet another victory from deceiving U.S. Intelligence. The packages where the U.S. Military thought the bomb was, were actually crates of water.

The victims of this brutal attack were from one family. The wife and husband were American caretakers, but all the children and parents were cousins and siblings to one another. The man targeted, Zemari Ahmadi, was bringing care packages for his family and unloading them. His brother, Emal Ahmadi, says his brother was a family man. He was not a part of ISIS or the evil within it. His children also died in the blast. 

The reporters say the civilians near the scene who were against ISIS and war now chant, “Death to America!” in the streets. Not only has our President killed innocents, but now the matter of terrorism from the Taliban increasingly gets worse for the civilians of the Capital.

Several bodies were still missing, but later found in the rubble of the collapsed buildings. Two of them being the two year old girls, Sumaya, and Malika. Malikaś sister was among those found later in the charred result of the explosion. Sumaya, was the daughter of Emal Ahmadi, the brother of the man targeted on false accusations.

In the end, Biden admits that,  “His order resulted in the killing of innocent civilians, provoked more people to start a war against the U.S., put Americans in danger, and created a confrontation between House Representatives.” says John Kirby on twitter. This, ¨Tragic mistake,” could be the start of a downfall in America. A downfall on the people of both the United States, and Afghanistan.