Big Cedar Lodge

Big Cedar Lodge

Karina Svidenko, Reporter

You don’t know where to spend your time with family and friends? I have a solution for you. Big Cedar Lodge was created as a destination for families to create memories that become traditions, and each season brings exciting activities and events for family memory making.  Big Cedar is about an hour away from Springfield, Missouri. It is located in Ridgedale, Missouri.

From my experience, I definitely recommend going to Big Cedar Lodge for vacation. Me and my family really enjoyed our time there. We went kayaking, played volleyball, and spent most of our time swimming in the pools. They also provided buses that went around and dropped people off at certain destinations, which was really helpful. The people that work there are super nice and helpful. After a long fun day, they made a bonfire and provided s’mores. Everyone was invited, and me and my family had a great time. We stayed at a cabin for a very good price. It was very cozy and beautiful there. The cabins provided a kitchen, two bedrooms, and a living room with a fireplace. I am very excited to go again this summer.

There are also a lot of events going on. The events happening outside include, fishing, golf, swimming pools, Jacuzzis, shoot, water sports, boat cruises, horseback riding, fitness center, hiking, biking, volleyball and lots more. Some inside events include a kids adventure club, couple’s shooting instruction, yoga class, tie dye, family bingo, paint studio, and spa.

Big Cedar Lodge is a great place to spend your time at. Whether you’re looking to master bass fishing, connect with your family away from a digital screen, or simply enjoy the beauty of a trickling waterfall, adventure in the great outdoors awaits at Big Cedar.

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