Is the Color Pop Lizzie McGuire Collection Worth It?


Paige Stapp, Reporter

The Lizzie McGuire collection came out at the end of March 2021. And man, the nostalgia that comes from the collection is so big. People are in love with it and everyone should be! The collection comes with 10 pieces including lip gloss and an eyeshadow palette. And the big part of the collection is the 12 shade eyeshadow pallet.   

The main piece that everyone is trying to get their hands on is the eyeshadow pallet. It’s full of bright colors and neutral colors. Most of the time I don’t go for eyeshadows that are bright, but when I saw this pallet, I had to have it. This pallet won’t disappoint! It blends so smoothly, and the pigment is there. It will not be a bad purchase. My only negative would be that I would not use these colors every day, and some of these colors do stain.  

The next two items are the lip gloss duo and blush. the lip gloss duo is so 2000 and mix with color pop formula. Perfect lip gloss duo names are clever also And Lizzie and Miranda with a good amount of presentable glitter, and just the right amount of gloss. The squeezing tube is amazing. Now I don’t normally go for bright pink glitter blushes, but this might be my only exception. And its just the right type to give you the highlight and blush look.

In conclusion, I think this make-up collection is worth it in the long run. It brings back all the feels of the 2000s. And I mean who does not want that feeling back in their life? The price range is just right. I really enjoy this collection and it’s amazing.