The Shooting of Dante Wright

The Shooting of Dante Wright

Luke Hansen, Reporter

Dante Wright, 20 years old, was shot by Kim Potter, while conducting a traffic stop. This was in Minneapolis, the same city where George Floyd died. 

Dante Wright who had multiple warrants and expired plates. Wright also was resisting arrest at the time of the arrest by getting in his car and trying to escape. 

Kim Potter was a 26 year veteran to the police department, and was training an officer while she pulled over Dante Wright. She “accidentally” pulled her sidearm, and meant to pull her taser. Potter shot one shot and Wright sped off. She immediately exclaimed “ S**t, I just shot him!” 

Wright was “a normal kid” stated by his past principal, and had Floyd’s Ex-Girl friend, Cortney Ross, as a past teacher. These actions came as a surprise to both of them and to the whole nation. 

The whole nation is dumbfounded on how Potter pulled her sidearm instead of her taser. While both have the same grips they weigh no where near the same. The taser is on the non-dominant side of the officer, and the sidearm is on the dominant.  

Later, Potter turned herself in and was charged with second degree manslaughter. Also, the current Minneapolis police chief resigned. 

The night of the shooting, April 14th, protest broke out across the city. The protests of Wrights shooting merged with the protests of Derek Chauvin