The Lighthouse Movie Review


Josef Armour, Reporter

Do you like mind boggling stories that keep you questioning and trying to piece it all together? How about uniquely shot movies with a never before feel to it? If so then “The Lighthouse” is just for you. 

The Lighthouse is a movie I recently watched that I just can’t get out of my head. Starring William Defoe (Thomas Wake) and Robert Pattinson (Ephraim Winslow) this movie was immediately eye-catching with the way it was shot. The movie was shot with a Kodak Double-X 35mm, which only shoots in film. Orthochromatic film was used to capture the black and white look the movie shows off. The setting is based on an island in the 1890s where two lighthouse keepers try to maintain their sanity as they’re trapped. 

The movie is inspired by a real story that took place at the Smalls Lighthouse in Pembrokeshire, Wales, in 1801. The story itself has been interpreted by viewers to have similarities to the story of Prometheus stealing the fire from the gods. Pattinson and Defoe’s chemistry truly make this movie feel like a dark sea shanty story brought to life. With the sailor tales and legends told by Defoe’s character and the slang of a 1890s sailor. Also with the unsure and mysteriousness of Pattinson’s character. 

However where there’s praise there’s criticism and dislike. Viewers have come up saying the movie is, “too disturbing” or “bland” the typical response for someone that expected something else. Now I will admit the movie was very disturbing at times. The story also became very confusing at times, I’m unsure if it went off track or if I myself couldn’t keep up. Other than those few little things I had no problems with it myself. 

The visuals are eerie and interesting, the shadows are heavy and reflect on the dark story that is this movie. The story keeps you guessing up until the end and makes you just want to watch it again. The super small yet excellent cast is so well picked and works so well together. As of now you can find this movie on Amazon Prime Video and Vudu. I fully recommend to go watch this movie for yourself and to watch with a very open mind.