Primitive x Naruto review


Joey Simmons, Reporter

So let’s start with context. I started skating around 2015-2017, and I was garbage and I slowly fell out of it 3 years later. I started getting back into it but never committed to buying a skateboard. But finally on March 12, I bought my first quality skateboard. It is a Primitive complete skateboard and for 100 dollars it comes out to be a good beginner board for me. And it goes to support good skate companies like Primitive to continue to put out nice boards. 

Let’s start out with the board itself. It’s made of quality wood, and the design isn’t too bad either; it’s sturdy and so far has not shown any wear on the wood and I’ve had it for about a month. Honestly I would recommend anything from Primitive all I can see is they´re a good company putting out quality boards. The trucks are metal and honestly not much to talk about they get the job done and look good. The wheels are about 52mm and decently resilient. I have had no problems with them so far. They are on the harder side but that just comes with a board like this one. 

Over all so far, I have had nothing but fun on this board now. In the end, I´m not a professional, but I like it and I cannot recommend it more. It’s a good starter for cheap. The design is nice (Even If I covered it in stickers) and the hardware is tight. Overall a good board and I haven’t been hurt on it yet!