Silver Dollar City 2021


Rylyn Meek-Rodriguez, Reporter

Silver Dollar City is an 1880’s themed amusement park. They have plenty of fun rides and their season passes are set at a good price of $45. You get so much for the price of $45 dollars. You get to experience a great time with over 40 rides and attractions, 18 award-winning attractions, shows and 60 shops. You do have to pay for food, drink and souvenirs, but it is definitely worth it.

There is such a variety of rides to choose from for all ages. There’s thrilling rides such as Outlaw run, Time Traveler, PowderKeg and Wildfire. There are also rides for children such as the ladybugs, happy frogs, wings of wonder, the train, half dollar holler. A few things fun for all ages include grandfather’s mansion and the swings. The restaurants are also very popular. Some of the restaurants include Chester’s Kettle chips, Cokes and Floats, Rivertown smokehouse, Buckshots Skillet Cookery and so much more.  Some upcoming events include Silver Dollar City Street Fest on April seventeenth, Spring ride days on April tenth, Bluegrass and BBQ festival on May fourteenth, Moonlight madness on July 24th. 

I’ve personally had good experiences every time that I’ve been. There’s always been good service, amazing food and all together an amazing experience. If I could change anything about Silver dollar city it would be the amount of people that come! The lines tend to be either long or short but most of the time its a 50/50 chance. The rides are definitely worth the wait!