Being a Teenage Entrepreneur


Luke Hansen, Reporter

Many people have thought about owning a business at some point in our life, but I fulfilled that dream. I own a carpentry business and have been loving every second of it, but recently my web page, Suburban Oak, blew up over night. Now I have over 18 orders to fill and school 5 days a week. 


Owning a business is very special when it comes to the economic standpoint, because you could make the same amount of money as your parents or $25 a month. That is because  what I do, you rely on people to buy things (I.E. Cutting boards, Coasters, Planters, and custom orders) and you have to be very aggressive in marketing or you will not succeed.


Y’all are getting free time? Nerds. I have no free time unless it’s pre-scheduled. The only time I’m able to do anything is to go on my weekly trip to Lowes, yes weekly. 

Dealing with my age:

Let me tell you the faces and reactions I get when my clients see me for the first time. They are very surprised, even shocked. My age (15) is very young to be doing this, but age does not directly correlate with skill level. With my age though, I am able to once in a lifetime deal with things (I.E. tools, lumber, ect). I get these deals because the people are shocked at my age and want to help me out. 

How does school factor in:

School is very important to me because not only am I trying to pass, I am working to get into trigonometry and AP classes like that. I am trying to get as much done in high school possible,  so I can take as little in college as possible. 

How I attract customers: 

Like I said earlier, marketing is everything in this line of work. I get a lot of business through Facebook, 45 orders to be exact, and I have almost 200 likes on my page, which only about 2 weeks ago was at 82. Word of mouth takes place slightly later when you have numerous orders out, and they show their friends, and that’s how you get a lot of business down the line and not solely relying on Facebook. 


Craftsman ship plays a big role in business as well, because if you make quality pieces you get a lot more clientele. This rule is not only in carpentry but in everything else, because if you make a good product the word spreads. Almost all carpenters who have been doing this a while, get a majority of all their business from word of mouth and making solid products. 

The bottom line in being a teenage entrepreneur is not having any plans, ever, and making sure you have people who can help you. With what I do, I at least call very experienced carpenters 3 times a week or so for advice. Being an entrepreneur is very beneficial because there are no rules for you to follow, besides government mandates. You are your own boss, work where and whenever you want, and you have unlimited options to do whatever you want.