Lego Star Wars III Game Review


Tyler Ingram, Reporter

Like Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga, I enjoyed this game. It did a neat job at retelling the television series in the form of Lego. Like the Complete Saga, it has some good humor thrown in the story that makes the scenes worth watching while playing. 

The gameplay mechanics have been improved as well. Each character has different stances, animations and more. Unlike the last game, you can explore more and even visit another ship, which is the sith’s ship, which I found to be sweet in it’s own right. The game has a lot of vehicles and ships that you can drive and fly in both free roam and in story mode. Free play mode has also been improved with more clever puzzle solving mechanics and good ways of progressing in the story. The game fixes what the Complete Saga lacked, and that was enhanced graphics. 

The thing the product lacks is having more options when it comes to customizing your own character in the game. 

The places to go to get this great game are places such as GameStop, malls and even Walmart.

This game is appropriate for children and adults alike who look to experience some of the Clone Wars series retold in the form of Lego.