Ginny and Georgia: A Netflix Series Review

Ginny and Georgia: A Netflix Series Review

Haylyn Baker, Reporter

Ginny and Georgia is a Netflix series that recently came out that has been popping up all over social media. Ginny, which is a nickname for Virginia, is a sophomore in high school who moves around because of her mom, Georgia. The family moves from Texas to a richer neighborhood in Wellsbury, Massachusetts, after Georgia’s second husband dies in a car accident caused by heart failure. 

During this series, it shows flashbacks of Georgia’s life. This helps give a background story to Georgia and why she is who she is in the show. Georgia lived in an awful household when she was 14 and decided to go away. When she got to the state of Georgia, that’s when she decided to change her name to exactly that.

She met Zion, Ginny’s dad, and his family took care of her while she was pregnant with his baby at age 15. After Ginny was born, Zion’s parents wanted custody of her, and Georgia didn’t agree with that. But to Zion, it made sense because they were both so young. So that was enough to make Georgia leave for a while.

Georgia started staying with a man she was working with so that CPS wouldn’t take Ginny away from her. The man was controlling, so Georgia decided to poison him and get away.

Roughly 2 years after she left Zion, she decided to go back to him. He was hesitant to take Georgia back, but he saw Ginny and changed his mind. 

When Ginny gets into high school, she joins a friend group of girls and they name it “MANG”, standing for the first letter of all of their names, Maxine, Abby, Norah, and Ginny. Ginny soon believes that the group of girls is home to her.

She also gets a boyfriend, Hunter, after a while at her new school. He writes a song and sings it to her and the song blows up on social media. Ginny’s friends and parents both really like Hunter, but while this is going on, Ginny is falling for her neighbor, Maxine’s brother, Marcus. As Ginny is struggling with this, Maxine is also struggling on telling a senior how she feels about her. 

The two main themes in this series are love and mother-daughter relationships, in my opinion. Ginny is learning how to love herself, her mom, and her friends. Maxine struggles with heartbreak, along with Ginny and Hunter after an argument about each other’s race.

Ginny is learning more than she wants to about her mom as she’s growing up. When Georgia’s sister comes into town, the secrets slowly spill out. When Ginny realizes her extended family is still alive, she’s curious what else her mom is hiding from her. 

Ginny and Georgia is a coming-of-age series and it includes sexual scenes, scenes of parties that have underage drinking, and there is some self-harm included with Ginny. I easily binge-watched Ginny and Georgia. In season one, there are ten episodes about an hour long each. I personally loved this series and I can’t wait for season 2. I’m excited to see where the drama picks up and where the creators decide to lead it to, and who Ginny ends up with in the end. 

You can watch this show on Netflix and see over 67,000 ratings over it on google. It has a 4.1 overall star rating. Here are some of the reviews: 

(5 stars) “I’m usually not one to give a 5-star rating to even the most acclaimed, widely popular shows. I also seldom enjoy Netflix original series–most of the plot is way too predictable for me. But this one is an absolute gem…”

(5 stars) “I loved this show & have watched it several times. I like how it gives flashbacks of Georgia’s life & let’s us know why is or does things a certain way. I love G&G’s characters. I’ve read that a lot of people can’t stand Ginny but her character was written to be that way for a reason.  I’m team Marcus & want Marcus & Ginny to get together. I love their screen time together. They set those two characters good for that. The way the talk about how lost he was after losing his friend & how he only really seems to smile when Ginny is around… I’ve told everyone to watch this show. 110% recommended.”

(5 stars) “I am so in love with this new series. I love how it’s played by all these characters they fit in so well. Ginny and Marcus are obviously my favorite part. I love how they kept their feelings for each other a secret, but we could all tell there was something there… Also M.A.N.G, their friendship is so amazing… It does have sexual content which some people don’t want to watch but I am HOPING THERE IS A SEASON 2!”