COVID Travel Preparation


Ethan Gardner, Reporter

Are you ready to travel? Have you ever wondered, will it be safe for me to travel, and what should I bring? Here are a few things you should put into your carry on bag. 

Before the trip, get vaccinated. You will get a vaccine passport which will allow you to go to your vacation spot. Some places, and even airports, are starting to require one. 

The first thing you should pack is a pandemic travel toolkit. This toolkit should have hand sanitizer, wipes, extra masks, extra gloves, a  travel-sized antibacterial hand wash, and an extra bag to dispose of the materials safely. 

Next, an at home COVID-19 test. These were mainly for rural areas that can’t get to a testing site. Now you can use it on your vacation. It will be good for you to know you can go home, and some places require you to have a negative test to enter.

Next, your vaccine passport. You can download an app that will have your digital passport. So, it’s not much of an “extra item.”

Lastly, a thermometer, even though you have the test, It would be good to monitor your temperature. If things get bad, you can take another test to make sure you can go home. 

Make sure you pack enough supplies for the duration of your visit. Then add for an additional 14 days. Whether you get sick or you can’t travel home, you have to be prepared. 

A recommendation is to upgrade your travel insurance to “cancel for any reason coverage,” So if something happens, you can cancel and get up to a 70% refund.

Lastly, working with that upgrade, call ahead. Space is limited, even with your reservation there might be space for you. You don’t have to worry too much about them closing with cases falling. Still, confirm you can still go before you leave. You could also get a fresh update on those COVID regulations.