A Day in the life of Hillcrest School Professionals


Dr. Kroll, principal of Hillcrest High School, discusses a typical day’s ups and downs.

Ethan Gardner, Reporter

Have you ever wondered what school staff do all day? Have you ever wondered why the principle or the counselor aren’t at school the entire time? This article will take you through the day in the life of Ms.Hill, Nurse Mandy, Ms. Wroblewski, Dr. Kroll, and Mr. Heinrichs. 

Everyone arrives at school a little before the students, 30m-1h before opening, and they get everything ready to start the day. They either “check emails,” and /or “check calendar.” Ms. Wroblewski checks her mailbox, and/or takes care of any last minute copying. She also grades papers. This is the time the Nurse will see parents, students or teachers with medications or doctor notes. 

Everyone except the nurse and Mr. Heinrichs tries to be visible during passing periods. Ms. Hill will try to be in the “commons area of the science wing. She will also let kids in the building if it’s cold or raining. The nurse will get phone calls about kids out sick, testing, or with COVID.  The nurse will give meds at this time too, “in the midst of COVID.” Ms. Wrobleski greets students, and gives them hand sanitizer. 

Throughout the day Mr. Heinrichs will help students enroll into classes. In the month of February, he starts helping students schedule for next year. Throughout the year he will do “school teachings.” That is where he will teach students about life. He manages the IEP (Individual education plan) and 504s (specialized education plans) for students at school. He also has various meetings throughout the day.

Dr. Kroll’s day is always unpredictable. Sometimes he has meetings, and sometimes he has interviews. The big thing this year is the construction. He has to monitor every single thing on the Hill, from the tiles on the floor, to the lights on the ceiling.

Ms. Hill will set up sweeps. After morning supervision, Ms. Hill goes back to the office. If it is a Monday, she will have a morning meeting with Dr. Kroll. If T-F she has a meeting with the others in the office. Then she will work on her personal checklist. She works on emails, and anything Dr. Kroll asks her to do. 

Ms. Wroblewski teaches her sophomore English classes. She uses her conference blocks for grading and planning. The only schedule the nurse follows is meds, and everything else is unpredictable. Lunch is planned for teachers and Ms. Hill. Everyone else eats when it’s the most convenient. Sometimes they don’t get a lunch break during the day.

After lunch everything kind of repeats itself. For the nurse, everything slows down. By this time, everyone has taken their meds, and she has time to work on other things. Dr. Kroll finishes checking emails and goes to any meetings or interviews. Dr. Kroll has on average 150+ emails a day. 

At the end of the school day, Ms. Wroblewski will check her mailbox one more time, and she goes home. Mr. Heinrichs will leave as late as 5 o’clock. Mr. Heinrichs is one of the football coaches. He will coach during the season, and conducts off season practice. Everyone else will stay a little after the students, then they will go home. 

Flexibility is key for adults who work at a school in any capacity. If a student is in need of assistance, you have to drop everything, and take care of it. That usually means rescheduling anything that gets in the way of serving students. That also means staff might have to stay late after school if any emergency happens. 

With the construction, the principal has extra things to do. As mentioned before, he has to monitor everything. When the construction is over, he will have more time for his daily responsibilities. 

There are lots of different meetings school professionals attend. There are meetings that go over new teaching techniques, and academy meetings. Dr. Kroll will attend classes for teacher evaluations. He basically goes in and watches the teacher teach. He will meet the teacher, and he will talk with them about what he saw. He will also attend meetings to help the student graduate high school.

Dr. Kroll has meetings that go over the maintenance of the building. He also has meetings to improve pathway classes, and any other class that may be at Hillcrest. The school staff strive to keep this school a safe and fun environment. The principal also has parent teacher conferences.

Mr. Heinrichs mainly has meetings for those who need more help with learning. One of the things learned is that the counselors want you to succeed as much as the teachers do. Counselors have to learn what to make a priority, especially if an event suddenly happens. Learning what to make a priority is also important for the nurse. She will have to drop everything if a student tests COVID positive. 

The main thing to take away from this is that everyone at this school cares about you. They all strive to make sure this is a safe learning environment. They all attend several meetings to make sure that you get the best education possible. They want you to bring your concerns and anything that makes you feel unsafe. Also, students not getting in trouble makes their jobs that much easier.