The Lunar Chronicles Review

The Lunar Chronicles Review

Audrey Holmes, Reporter

The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer is a 5-book series about a cyborg girl and her companions while on their mission to stop the evil Lunar queen. Overall, the storytelling is amazing. Each book is captivating in it’s own way with Meyer telling the stories from the perspectives of each of the main characters. Each chapter is another person’s point of view, making sure you’re never left wondering, “what’s happening to my favorite character?”

Each book starts out in the perspective of the new character that was introduced in the beginning and from there we see all of their paths cross and their stories unfold. Other than the captivating story, Meyer really did an amazing job of making their world seem like reality. It wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows, there were still things like discrimination, hatred, and a whole lot of real-world issues we see today. 

Overall, these futuristic girl-boss versions of old fairy tales are what really caught my attention. The way Meyer made the women of the story the strong ones instead of having a male hero was truly amazing. In the normal story the prince saves the princess, but I guess the stories are different in the future. Another great thing that I absolutely love about these books are the hints at rough outlines from the stories I grew up with. As mentioned above, each book is based on an old fairytale.

For example, Cinder is the story of Cinderella, Scarlet is about Little Red Riding Hood, Cress is about Rapunzel, Winter is Snow White, and Fairest is about the evil queen’s perspective of Snow White. Other than the original five books, there are smaller stories in between that aren’t really important to the storyline, but they do give you some insight as to the history of each of the characters. That fact is not widely known, however, and you don’t get the stories in the box-set and in terms of price, the books are not cheap. On Amazon you can buy the boxset for $100 for all five paperbacks, or over $200 for hardcover. 

In all, the storytelling is great. The books are interesting, though not time consuming. Each book is 300 pages or more, with the biggest book having a little more than 800 pages. And though the general audience would lean more towards teenage girls, the books would be a great read for everyone. There are parts of the story that I’m sure everyone would find enjoyable, from the action and fighting, to the futuristic theme.