Courageous: A Movie Review

Courageous: A Movie Review

Ethan Gardner, Reporter

This movie follows the lives of Alex Kendrick (Adam Mitchell), Kevin Dowens (Shane Fuller), Ken Bevel (Nathan Hays), Ben Davies (David Tomptson), and Robert Amaya (Javier Martinez) (Hav-i-air). After Adams’ daughter Lauren Etchells (Emily Mitchell) dies in a car accident, he feels like a failure. He realized that instead of getting upset at the time he didn’t spend with her, he should rejoice in the time he did. He also realizes that he needs to step up as a father. The men realize some of their fathers were not so great, they decide to change their families’ past. 

This movie revolves a lot around law enforcement. I do not recommend it for someone who doesn’t like the police. This movie outlines a father’s role. It also outlines what happens when a father is absent. I also don’t recommend this movie to those who don’t like Christians. This movie’s foundation is around Christianity.

Overall I think this is a great movie, There isn’t any profanity. The acting is amazing, the script is well written, and the settings are perfect.

There is one part that is slow. That is when Adam talks to his pastor after he loses his daughter. I feel this is a really deep and important part of the movie. I would give it a 10/10