Review on Nike Air Force 1 ’07


Victoria Tracy, Reporter

Have you ever thought about buying Nike Air Force 1 07’s? Well, there’s a few reasons why you should buy them. But, every product has its downs as well. In this article I will be reviewing the positives and negatives of Nike Air Force 1 07’s. 

First to start off, these shoes range from $90-$100. A lot of people who buy the shoes say that they are comfortable and have enough wiggle room in the toe area. Nike Air Force 1 ‘07’s tends to have good traction and last for years without showing significant wear and tear. A feature of the Air-Sole unit on the heel provides the shoe with lightweight cushioning. 

Of course like I said, every product has its downs. There are not a lot of downfalls to the Nike Air Force 1 ‘07’s, but there are some. Some customers were a bit disturbed about the chunky outsole on the shoe. Another downer to this product is that it lacks color. There are not a lot of color options to choose from.  

Altogether the Nike Air Force 1 ‘07’s aren’t that bad of a shoe. Except I feel like they are not worth the  price of $90-$100. I don’t like how they do not have many options for color. Perhaps if they had more color options and less of a chunky outsole, then they would sell more. The shoes are already very popular but if they would add more color alternatives then just white and brown then maybe they would be worth the expensive price.