Kyrie 5 Review


Jayden Safley, Reporter

The Kyrie 5 basketball shoe is an overall fantastic shoe. Mine have lasted several years, and they are still in good condition. The shoe is $130 which is a reasonable price for a well rounded shoe like this one. This shoe has very little negative aspects, which is why I love this shoe.

The traction of the shoe is amazing. I can make any turn on the basketball court without sliding around. The traction pattern travels from the bottom of the shoe all the way up to the sides, and I like how it looks. I wipe off the bottom of the shoes every possession, but these shoes can go multiple possessions without a wipe. The support of the shoe is great,  and it has a nice fit. The ankle support and on court feel of the shoe are both amazing. 

The cushioning is the only shoe’s weakness, but I wouldn’t even call it a weakness since it’s still decent. If you choose to buy the Kyrie 5 I can guarantee you that you’re getting a steal of a deal.