Race Face Atlas Pedals Review


Joey Simmons, Reporter

Race Face atlas is a line of MTB products released by Race Face, one of the more common lines in the Race family. Honestly, I love Race Face Atlas pedals. They are quality for what you pay, and they hold up to more aggressive riders.  They take slam after slam with no wiggle or cracking at all. For riders who only ride street they are good too. They give good grip on the feet while also being comfortable and slick.

Now what’s great about these pedals is the metal pedal it is a tell tale sign these pedals will be better than plastic pedals. The spindles are deeper than usual pedals giving the pedals good stability and grip. They come in a range of colors. The spindle also has a tab to undo them with a hex key.

The bad parts of the pedals are few and far between, but there are a few now. As a start they are not a good beginner pedal. You will often find yourself slamming your shins into the pedals. And with these pedals that does not feel good. Also the pedals have a smallish spindle so after prolonged use your spindle can crack and break. 

To conclude, Race Face Atlas are a very good pedal set if you are looking for quality metal platform pedals. And comparing them to pedals like Bontrager line pro´s which are around 100 dollars which are thicker and heavier than the Atlas´s. Bontrager pedals are less expensive than the Atlas´ but perform lower and slower than the lighter Atlas´s which website around 150-175 dollars.