Madden 21: To Play, or Not to Play?


James Porter, Reporter

Madden and EA Sports are arguably one of the most famous games and video game company in history. While many people still catch themselves playing this game, there are some issues that a lot of people find very aggravating. 

Back in September of 2020, about 3 weeks after Madden NFL 21 had been released, many angry users started the #NFLDropEA. Electronic Arts (EA) has no competition with any other company for the production of NFL simulation football games because they have the exclusive rights. Many people are very upset with the game and EA sports, calling them “lazy” and their game is “trash.” Madden used to be one of the most fun games to play whether it was by yourself or with your friends. About 6 years ago they added what they call Madden Ultimate Team (MUT). In this mode, you can build up your own team of NFL superstars and play against other users. Many people have been very mad with EA lately because they have essentially turned it into a play-to-win game mode, which basically means you have to buy in-game “packs” or coins to get the best players. 

There have been some bugs and issues with the game when it first came out, but they have been mostly fixed since mid-August.

One thing that EA had added this year was The Yard game mode. In this game mode, you can create your own player and get outfits and uniforms for them. This is a backyard football type of game mode and is one of the bright spots of Madden this year. 

If I was to give this game a rating on a one to ten scale, it would be a 6. This game definitely has some problems, but it also has its bright spots that keep bringing me back to playing it.