The Platform: A Movie Review

The Platform: A Movie Review

Renae Howell, Reporter

I have a good opinion of The Platform, I think it has a really good concept and meaning behind it. The movie shows the concept of classism, which is putting people in the “above and below.”

      In the movie, the main character goes into this type of vertical prison where you can bring one object with you. He voluntarily goes in to quit smoking, but he doesn’t realize what he got himself into. If you don’t like movies that have more of a gore look then I don’t recommend this movie.

       What I like about this movie is that it shows the purpose of the platform and how it works. First I was skeptical about the movie but the more I watched the more I wanted to keep watching. 

       In the prison, you stay on one floor for 30 days, and depending on how long you agreed to stay there, you switch floors every month. The story sees a platform of food that descends from above on a platform, leaving the upper floor prisoners to eat first and the lower floor prisoners to fight for scraps. It’s classism at its finest. I think that’s a great concept for a movie.

       Slight disclaimer, this movie can have a bit of gore or disturbance. Also, this movie is on Netflix, it was first premiered at a 2019 film festival and on March 2020 it was released on Netflix.

       What I don’t like about this movie is that the words being said don’t match their mouths, this disturbs most people I know, so if you aren’t a fan of movies where what the people are saying don’t match their mouths, than this movie isn’t for you. 

      This movie has won three awards for Best Special Effects, Best Visual Effects, and another one for Best Visual Effects. I agree because this movie has really nice graphics and visual effects.

      This movie is 1hour and 34 minutes long. This movie may seem a little boring, but I think the plot overcomes all of the flaws. If you are into movies where they can leave you pondering and thinking about it, then this movie is for you.