Superbowl Favorites


Kulley Kincade, Reporter

There are a few teams that are considered ¨SuperBowl favorites¨ for this upcoming post season. The favorites to win the Superbowl are the Chiefs and the Packers. Both have an MVP candidate at quarterback. There are a lot of other teams that could surprise some people like the Saints, Titans, Steelers, Buccaneers, and the Bills. There’s always a team that surprises some people like the Tennessee Titans from last year who made it all the way to the AFC championship.

The Chiefs are definitely the favorites to win the SuperBowl this year. They have a high powered offense with Patrick Mahomes an MVP quarterback at the helm. They have too many weapons to count like Tyreek Hill who is definitely the fastest guy in the NFL, Travis Kelce who is the best tight end in the league, and Le’veon Bell who is a beast in the back field. They are not undermanned at head coach either with Andy Reid running the show. He is a proven winner and an experienced playoff coach. Once you think you have one weapon locked up they just push another forward, which is very hard to play against especially if your defense is lack luster.

The Packers are in a pretty close race with the Chiefs on who is the better team, and they have a real shot at the Lambardi trophy. They have Aaron Rodgers, an MVP candidate under center who has been running the offense for a while now and has proved himself in playoff situations.  They are not lacking with weapons either. They have Davante Adams who might possibly be the best wide receiver in the League. They have Aaron Jones who is a great guy for Rodgers to hand the ball to when the passes aren’t working hes trustworthy and a explosive runner. They have 7 Pro- Bowlers on their team which is crazy scary. I would not overlook the Packers as a real problem for the Chiefs.

There is not a real third team in this race but I would expect a crazy postseason with a lot of upsets. Look for the Bills and Titans to make it deep into the playoff. Both have a really good team and a star on offense. I don’t really trust the Steelers after their lackluster performance in the past three weeks. They have lost 3 straight. It’s hard to determine which one was worse: the loss to the 6-8 Football team or the loss to the 3-10-1 Bengals. The Bengals were playing their third string QB, and the Steelers still lost to them by 2 scores which is pretty sad.