Order Your Yearbook Today


Karina Svidenko, Reporter

Have you already paid for your yearbook, if not, you can order with a paper form or online from your cozy bed. If you are wanting to order online, you can type in jostens.com, and order on there, which is quick and easy. But if you would prefer a paper form, then you could pick up a form from Mrs. Frickenschmidt, room 127. The earlier in the year you order your yearbook, the cheaper the total will be, currently the total for a yearbook is $50 through February, which is a great price for a book that holds so many memories.

Our mission is to be involved with school activities. We want to capture each student at least twice, so everybody would see not only themselves but also their friends. We also want to be inclusive of clubs and organizations, so if you are in band, choir, orchestra, cheer, basketball, etc. you will see yourself in the yearbook doing what you like.

Yearbooks are where all the memories throughout the year are, you can look back at the yearbook whenever you’ll want and remember your high school memories. Yearbooks give us the opportunity to recap our high school years and capture memories we have made. Don’t miss your chance and order your yearbook today, you won’t always have a chance this easy to order a book with all memories from a year in high school.