12th Amendment Reenactment Question

Luke Hansen, Reporter

For the past few months, Democrat Joe Biden and Republican Donald Trump have been duking it out on stage and in the media. When Trump lost the election he filed multiple lawsuits and tried to alter the outcome of the election based on fraud. 

The question arises,  is there fraud and if so, is it enough to enact the 12th amendment? The Trump campaign claims there’s enough fraud to cancel the election. “Despite the chaos of election night and the days which followed, the media has consistently proclaimed that no widespread voter fraud has been proven, but this observation misses the point. The constitutional issue is not whether voters committed fraud but whether state officials violated the law by systematically loosening the measures for ballot integrity so that fraud becomes undetectable.” 

Here are the states with active and decided lawsuits:


Trump’s lawsuit in Pennsylvania was based on “discrimination” against Trump voters. The other claim is that votes for Biden were manufactured to put him ahead. 

These were proven false in the district, federal, and the supreme court (who have a conservative majority). The lawsuit was thrown out for lack of evidence, false claims, and lack of witnesses. 


Trump’s lawsuit was based on how the election was carried out. Trump’s argument was how the guidance issued by the Wisconsin elections commission was related to the absentee ballots stating, “along with election officials’ conduct in reliance on that guidance.” 

The claims made by Trump and his lawyers were ruled false by Ludwig ( The judge). The claims were proven false on lack of evidence and left Trump losing the state with over 20,000 votes.


Trump’s lawsuit states that there are tens of thousands of invalid votes. Trump lost this, but appealed it saying the judge was invalid because she did not live in Fulton County. 

When the votes were being validated, Trump’s team tried to file a restraining order to prevent the rest of the votes to be certified. This could have worked because that would have made tens of thousands of votes invalid which would have enacted the 12th amendment. 


Trump’s lawsuit stated that there are enough irregularities to throw their votes out. The irregularities were that the election helped not up to the standard and illegitimate votes.

The case was thrown out in all courts that it made it to (district, and federal). It was thrown out like the rest, not enough evidence, and false evidence. The district judge wrote ,“ Little to no value”. 


The lawsuit was filed by Powell who also filed similar lawsuits in Michigan, Georgia, and Wisconsin. The lawsuit claims that the Dominion voting system was hacked and the hackers added votes for Biden, and the Dominion voting system had a wide-open back door for the hackers. 

This was thrown out by judges and never made it past the state. The lawsuit was dismissed on the grounds of little or no evidence to support the case. 

New Mexico 

The lawsuit in New Mexico is centered around the drop boxes at voting locations for mail-in ballots and absentee ballots. The Trump team says voting locations didn’t have enough security and someone could have changed a ballot. 

This lawsuit is still in court. The Trump team is trying to have every voting location investigated and have the ballots sorted from mailed in and cast in person. The Trump team could make this a second win out of their almost 60 lawsuits. 

The states that are currently in court are almost every state Trump had a chance to win, and as you can tell he didn’t. The reason he didn’t win the states is fairly simple: they have different mentalities, morals, and ideologies than Trump.