A Message to Remember

A Message to Remember

Kenna Johnson, Reporter

Based on Nicholas Sparks’ 1999 novel, A Walk to Remember is a heart-wrenching film from 2002 about a young troublemaker who falls in love with a guileless Christian girl that turns out to have limited days in her battle with leukemia. 

An idealized love story, this film is for those free of cynicism. Based on its morals, it is all too obvious that it is designed to be loved by the Christian community. However, this is not to say that it is a bad film. A sappy, tear-jerking chick-flick is only the surface of the movie. Those who fail to see the underlying message are the ones who resent the film. The message to take away is that by loving the unlovable, by changing the unchangeable, forgiving the unforgivable, we create a positive ripple effect. If you are looking at it as two people from different social classes finding unlikely love, you are missing the greater picture.

Set in North Carolina, the pair bonds while practicing for the school play that the young man, Landon Carter, was ordered to participate in after an incident involving the wellbeing of another student. Once mocked by him and his friends, Jamie becomes his girlfriend at the disdain of her reverend father. Together, the couple learns things that most people learn in a lifetime. 

By the end of the movie, her father finally takes a liking to Landon as he realizes how deeply he cares for her. The pair end up getting married to each other at the church her mother was married in, the number one thing at the top of her comprehensive bucket list. After her passing, Landon keeps in touch with her father and is accepted into medical school, another objective on her bucket list. It is implied that Landon’s goal is to complete Jamie’s bucket list himself in memory of her.