Celebrating the Holidays in Safe Ways

Renae Howell, Reporter

    There are many things you can’t do due to certain measures of staying safe during this pandemic, but to be optimistic you can still celebrate the holidays in safe ways.

    With Christmas and New Years’ around the corner, people love to have parties with friends and family over to have fun and enjoy the end of the year festivities. But recently with COVID, things have been on lockdown to keep people healthy to not catch the virus. Even though, you can still have fun without spreading the coronavirus around.

     On average Christmas is ranked one for being the most popular and favored holiday, and most people like to do all of the holiday traditions. Since this year is different, you have to creatively think about how you can celebrate with family and friends.

       One thing you can do is go view the Christmas lights downtown or even go see the festival of lights. You can be outside or in the comfort of your car and view all the displays that get put up, or even just driving around town and viewing the displays people put up on their homes is nice too.

       As the holiday season unfolds, it is bound to be filled with brilliant drive-through light displays and homes decked out at their dazzling best. The Mizumoto Japanese Stroll Garden at the Springfield Botanical Gardens has been filled with more than 100,000 strategically placed lights. Perfect for being outside, safely distanced, and getting in the Christmas spirit. 

       Even just celebrating at home with the people who live with you is good, too. Like making dinner exciting by having the little kids in your family make something with the help of the adults or if there are more older people you can have everyone make something and see who did the best. If the family is far away you can try having a virtual dinner even though it doesn’t sound fun, you can still connect and talk to the people you are close with. 

       Celebrate in good ways for you and your family. Be safe and have fun.