Winter Sports and COVID-19

Karina Svidenko, Reporter

Hillcrest High School winter sport events are not the same as they were years before. You might ask why, but you can probably guess it’s because of the Covid-19 pandemic. A lot of sport events get canceled or happen less than before Covid 19. The winter season sports that are currently active are Wrestling, Basketball, and Girls Swim. 

The restrictions for the players are basically the same as the fall season. Each player has to check their temperature every single day and answer the questionnaire. They are going to be expected to wear a mask sitting on the bench, but they are not required to be wearing a mask while playing. If a player really wants to wear a mask while playing, basketball is the only sport that they are allowed to. In wrestling, they will have one partner per year, which you wrestle the whole entire year, so if someone gets sick with covid, only their partner is down, not the whole team.

The restrictions for spectators of all three sports are a little different from last year’s. The spectators are to come in and sit six feet apart at all times, and only families can sit together without being apart. There is also a student section in the auditorium. On the seats there are stickers, which the students are supposed to be on, which is about three feet apart. Every spectator is forced  to be wearing a face mask in the building. Hillcrest is trying to keep everyone safe and healthy, which wearing a mask would help not spread the disease, CoronaVirus. 

Because of Covid, there are certain games that we can not attend, but there are still the same amount of tournaments and the same amount of games. We just can’t travel outside the radius SPS put in place. The players practically practice every day. This year’s games and practices are very similar to last years, just a slight difference with the pandemic going on. A lot of students are very happy with the sports they are playing and are excited for the rest of the season.