Skate Scene in Springfield

Joey Simmons, Reporter

As the skate scene gets larger day by day it’s cool to see how small towns and cities are affected by the sport. Springfield is not really a hotspot for skating, more of a hotspot for baseball and bars but they’re is still a quite large group of skaters.

There is practically no vert scene here (skating on a ramp), so the street scene has taken Springfield. Springfield’s layout makes it good for skaters who ride street. We have a lot of gaps and drainage ditches. Downtown is a little more barren but the north side there are plenty of broken sidewalks and gaps.

If your looking to ride park we have a skatepark it has a lot of street features, but very little if you are looking for vert or halfpipes (a large ramp). Springfield Skatepark accommodates BMX and skateboarding if your looking to go there it is 10 dollars, helmet is mandatory for safety reasons. 

If you’re looking to ride pool (just empty pools) they have that as well. Both park and street are available in Springfield, and there is a welcoming and warm group of skaters and BMX riders in Springfield if you’re willing to introduce yourself.