The Poet X, A Golden Gateway


Acheenakay Masado, Reporter

Struggle is a massive part of human life. We struggle to achieve a goal or struggle to simply survive, everyone struggles. Especially teenagers. This is where Xiomara, a daughter of a devout immigrant mother and a deadbeat father, comes into the spotlight in The Poet X written by Elizabeth Acevedo.

 A lot of Xiomara’s struggle has to do with her identity. Since she grew up having to follow the rules from her home and expectations of the church, and she hasn’t had much time to discover herself. This changes as she is introduced to a slam poetry club and meets new people.

Her story is mostly told in poems, short writings told with a rhythm, so it is written in verse. In a short paragraph, a whole day could be shared by her. It’s a highly recommended book for students who don’t read often. The book has some Spanish mixed into it as the main character is Latinx.

Since it is a Gateway book for this school, if anyone needs a good and easy book to read, this book is a good read to try out. Though as a content warning the book has a lot of themes around discovering sexuality and themes of violence. The story will take any reader into the shoes of a poet.