Minecraft 1.17 Update – Coming in 2021!

Damien Victory, Reporter

Minecraft 1.17 is an upcoming Minecraft update that will be coming around next year. With snapshots appearing every so and so in between now and the fina update that officially releases it, I want to talk about my own opinions on the auditions this update holds. I’ll mainly be talking about the basics, then the good and bad of the update. After discussing most, if not every feature the update holds, I’ll summarize my overall opinion of this update and compare it to the previous update and which holds better things. All of the things I’ll be talking about are subject to change, some more likely than others.

First, let’s list off the basics of the update, the 1.17 update, better known as the “Caves and Cliffs update” is as the name implies, and update to Minecraft’s cave and mountain areas. This update revamps and scales up mountains, making them much more realistic and better to look at, along with making much much larger and more realistic caves underground. Rather than tunnels and the occasional ravine, there will be massive underground caverns and multiple variations of different caves such as lush caves, Dripstone caves, mesh caves, and deep dark, and with the previously mentioned new cave generation, making it completely different from before. The majority of features sit upon the caves, being what fans of the game had wanted for years upon years.

I’ll talk about the good features, starting with the caves, more diversity with dozens of more items added in fitting with each area, the lush caves have unique plants and even an animal, which I’d say is one of the best parts of the update. Axolotls, a species of salamander that never leaves the water due to rarely if ever metamorphosing into a land walking creature like most salamanders. Like previous updates, Axolotl was added because it was endangered and the games developers put it in to bring awareness to this creature’s threatened existence. Along with axolotl comes goats, which aren’t as interesting or notable, but are still cool nonetheless. There is also the brush, which can uncover hidden treasures like pieces of pottery, and the bundle, which is for inventory management, being able to hold multiple different types of items so they no longer take up space that could hold other things. There’s also the warden, which is one of the strongest things that will have been added to the game, added in the deep dark, it’s blind and responds to sound, and is very deadly, and as it stands right now doesn’t drop anything that special, so fighting it seems somewhat pointless.

With the good comes the not as good, but still better than nothing items that’ll be added, starting with the glow squid. Glow squid was one of 3 creatures people voted for, and it’s just kinda boring, despite being called a glow squid, as it stands right now it doesn’t emit light, so not bad, just kinda pointless. Copper is a new ore added into the game, again as of now it’s use is limited to blocks and a lightning rod, which is actually a pretty good feature, It’s likely that it’ll gain more use than just a corroding block for decoration and lightning guider. Telescope, a feature that is viewed as basically pointless when there is a zoom feature you can download, outside of jokes it holds no actual value to basically anyone. Amethyst geode, though it looks good and might be a nice thing to find randomly, it holds next to no value, being the thing to make the telescope and only that as far as I’m aware, making it basically only for decoration and an interesting thing to just find and have.

Overall I’d say the update is solid, it’s got a lot of features that people really like, some people don’t really care for. Others will view parts of this update as useless, pointless, or just bad, while others will find a use for them if not given a better use by the updates actual release. If I’d have to compare it to the 1.16 nether update, I’d say it’s on par, if not somewhat better, and considering there could be so much more to be added and adjusted, this may far exceed the previous additions. All of the things I talked about are subject to change as stated in the beginning paragraph, hopefully it’ll be good change too, not something that ruins the better pieces of this update, but seeing as they listen closely to the people playing, it is very unlikely that something like that would happen, even if it does it can be undone quickly before people get too upset. Who knows what they’ll add in the future, who knows what people will want to be added next? Because honestly I can’t think of anything the players asked for past the cave update.