Interviews from Hillcrest Blood Drive

Kulley Kincade, Reporter

Hillcrest High School had its Bi-annual blood drive on October 12th, 2020. Avery Grant, the President of the student body, said that he was donating blood to give back to the community and to give it to people that need it. Avery Grant was asked if he would donate blood again, and he said, “Yeah absolutely! It’s pretty painless and it’s an easy thing to do, so why not?”

The precautions Avery Grant took before donating his blood were making sure he was hydrated, and eating something before donating his blood. When Grant was questioned about how he thinks the blood will affect the people that need it he said, ¨It’s just a great way to help them out in whatever way they need it, whatever that looks like for them.¨

Trevor Goodman was interviewed next.  When Goodman was asked why he was donating his blood, he said, “It’s just a way to give back to the community. I’ve used other peoples blood so it’s just nice to let someone use mine.¨ He said that he would donate blood again because, “it’s for a great cause it helps other people and it’s a great experience, too.”

In order to donate blood, Goodman said, ¨The people asked us questions about our blood and if we were healthy and what we’ve done, [which is] basically just keeping your body healthy and doing the right thing.¨ Trevor said that blood helps everybody just live -“it’s a life source.”