Smash Ultimate

Jeff Smith, Reporter

Have you ever wanted to play a game where you can pick a variety of 74 characters from across video game history? Well, you’re in luck, because if you said yes to this then Smash Ultimate is the game for you.  

Smash Ultimate is a game that costs $60.00 dollars and is only available on the Nintendo switch. The person who created this game and the smash series is Masahiro Sakurai, but most people call him just by his last name. There is a dlc list which you can purchase more characters but they have something different about them.

 Take for example Terry Bogard from Final Fury, when he gets to 100% in the game he then can whip out these special moves to help him stay in the fight. His first special move is called power geyser and his second special move is called buster wolf. With these moves you can get some serious 0% combo to kill moves.

Here’s where things get interesting, each character has its own unique final smash. If you don’t know what a final smash is, basically it’s what your character does and tries to get some serious damage into your opponent. Take for example Luigi from the Luigi mansion games, his final smash is he uses the poltergust 9000 and sucks up all his enemies in his range and at the end he shoots them up into the sky. Pretty cool game right? Well here comes the juicy part, Sakurai just added an old friend into the game.( I’ll give you a hit it has to do with diamonds). It’s Steve from Minecraft.   

Steve is the newest character added to the game and boy is he an old one. He also has a unique Move set just like everyone else in the game except he can craft and mine. Here comes the final part. His ultimate is a giant piston and the player gets pushed into the house of boom where creeper’s come at the player and the whole house blows up while Steve eats a victory steak. 

Well that’s all there really is about Smash Ultimate. So what are you waiting for? Go buy the game, right now and play with your friends. Trust me,  I have the game and it’s a blast.