The Imposter Remains

Bailey Meyer, Reporter

Created in 2018 by Innersloth, Among Us wasn’t so popular as it is now. The game consists of continuous guessing and mystery. Last summer, people all over the world were being forced to quarantine, and Among Us was becoming an escape out of boredom for them. Staying up until 2 am just to lay in bed on your phone to play your twelfth round were memories so many people will have. 

As the central idea, this is a multiplayer game that can contain four to 10 players. This game takes place on one of three different spaceships of your choice; The Skeld, Mira HQ, or Polis. 

Each player is given a role of either a “crewmate” or an “imposter.” However, before the game starts, the host of the game can pick one to three imposters. Every player has tasks to do, such as swiping an admin card, filling up the engines with gas, or downloading information. 

Crewmates run around the spaceship and try to complete all their tasks without getting killed by the imposter(s). When a player becomes suspicious, they can call an emergency meeting and can vote a player out of the live game. 

There is also a discord chat for the players to communicate with each other. Imposters try to kill every player before all of them complete their task, see them kill another player, or vote the imposter off the ship and therefore, win the game.

If you are killed in the game, the imposter that killed you is revealed to you. The key is to secretly know but not tell any of the other players. After you are dead, you become a ghost. As a ghost, you can still complete your tasks to help win the game to get revenge on the imposter(s), but you cannot talk in the discord chat. This leaves you to also follow the imposter(s) around the ship and watch them sabotage other players.

Being a ghost makes the game so much more interesting and suspenseful, although if you do not want to stay and watch what happens, you have the choice of leaving the game entirely.