Greene County Expecting a Lower Voter Turnout on November 3rd

Lauren Melton, Reporter

As the election date moves closer and closer, we are wondering if we should even vote or not. In Greene County MO, we have 166,220 registered voters who are wondering if they should even bother with voting. Only 32% of registered voters made it out to the polls on August 4, 2020. That is only one in every three registered voters going to the poles.

Registered voters are always more inclined to vote on major causes such as electing the president. In 2016, two in every three registered voters made it out to the poles. In total 64% of registered voters in Greene County voted.

This year, the rates of voter turnout are going to be lower than ever because of the pandemic. The polls this year are going to be very different from what we have seen in the past. They are requiring masking, sanitizing protocols, and a lower in person numbers because of mail in ballots. 

As Hillcrest students, you may be thinking well I am 18 how can I vote this year? Luckily, Ms. Barnes is certified to register people to vote. She would love to give you a helping hand in this very important process.