Bring a Life Back to Power

Rylyn Meek-Rodriguez, Reporter

On October 12th, Hillcrest High school held the first blood drive of the year. The staff of Blood Center of the Ozarks held the blood drive and many students decided to donate blood. Every year Hillcrest holds multiple blood drives to help organizations get the blood they need to help save people. 

Cristine Canear is a staff member of the Blood Center of the Ozarks, and she stated, “We are very happy that Hillcrest is willing to hold a blood drive for such a good cause. The students that donate can save up to two people’s lives and that helps us out so much.” The blood that was donated gets sent to hospitals all around Missouri. There are many reasons why these students chose to donate blood, the most common reason being to hope to save the life of someone in need of blood. 

One of the students stated, “I’m happy I got to participate in the blood drive because not everyone is as lucky and has enough blood in their system, so I want to give as much as I can to help others.” Many of the students have the same feelings and were lucky we have such a caring school.