COVID-19 Cases in the United States

Tyler Ingram, Reporter

COVID cases continue to rise, and the total number of cases in the U.S. is about 8,100,550 nationwide. So far there have been 5,229,619 recoveries from the disease in the United States. A total of 221,038 people have passed away due to COVID-19. The number of cases diagnosed daily is at about 24,432 total.

In the state of Missouri, the total number of cases is at about 150K at the moment. The total number of deaths in the state of Missouri is at about 2,495. In the last 14 days The total number of cases is 21,566. During the same 14 days, a total of 352 deaths have occured in the state of Missouri. 

The total number of COVID cases in Greene county is at about 8,460. In Greene county, the number of deaths due to covid is at a number of 115 deaths. In the last 14 days, there have been a number of 1,584 cases in Greene county. The number of deaths in Greene county due to covid is at about 40 deaths in the same 14 days.