2020’s Fast Rising Football Scores

Ethan Gardner, Reporter

Football scores in 2020 are higher than ever before. According to  Bill Penington, “One reason would be that the stands are empty.” Since the stands are empty, Players can’t hear the remarks the fans make, which makes it easier to make a mistake, or a really good play. 

The scores have risen to an unprecedented level, and that is just in the 2020 seasons opening 4 weeks. According to Penington, teams are scoring in the 30 to 40 point range. There has also been a decrease in the number of fouls and tackling skills called in games. That was due to the cancelation of the preseason plays. The fundamental goal of the game is being achieved most successfully.

Another potential theory is that high scores give the fans what they want Since they aren’t there to cheer them on. The cancellation of the preseason has been a big help. Since players didn’t have time to practice, they couldn’t come up with defensive tackles which brought down the fouls. 

The offensive coach is forced to come up with plays quickly. Former NFL lineman Brian Baldinger said,” I mean people like scoring, right.”