A Big Change: SPS Will Send K-8 Back in November

K-8 Attending 4 Days a Week

Emily Clotfelter, Reporter

The Springfield Public School district will be sending elementary and middle schoolers back four days a week by November 9th. People have mixed opinions about this; some thinking that everyone should stay in hybrid, some thinking that high school should also be going back full time sooner rather than later, and others agreeing with the decision. When asked about her opinion on sending younger students back, Amy Clotfelter, mother of a 7th grader and a 9th grader says, “Even though, as a parent, it would be much easier if my kid was in school four days a week, I think they should’ve waited until the cases went down.” 

As of October 12th, there have been 212 cases of COVID-19 throughout the district. 135 students have tested positive for coronavirus, and 77 staff members have tested positive; most of these coming from high schools. Although these numbers may seem high, they are actually fairly low considering there are over 24,000 students and 3,500 staff members. Clotfelter says that, “(She is) nervous that (the number of cases) will increase when we go back to four days.” 

The number of cases within high schools is part of the reason for keeping high school students in the hybrid model until at least the end of the semester. According to KY3, the other reason is that high school students are in public more often, causing them to be more likely to take part in the spread of the coronavirus. 

As for them sending younger students back, it’s because younger students are struggling a lot with online work. Parents have a hard time keeping track of work for their kids, especially when they have to work. Parents of younger kids have to “play teacher” for their kids when they’re home, and it can be tricky to keep them on task. Amy Clotfelter says that it’s been a struggle keeping her kids on task at home.

Clotfelter says, “In my opinion, until the cases go in half of where they’re at (they should continue the hybrid model.) It’s just not a good situation right now no matter what, because everyone’s missing out on their in-person instruction.”