Apex Volleyball Club

Ashlynn Pentecost, Reporter

Apex volleyball is a new club here in Springfield, and it has their own facility. They have teams for girls aged through 10-18. They hold tryouts over the summer in their gym which is located on Kearney Street. The club used to be known as Club Bear, until they designated a new club owner.  

Apex Volleyball has 5 courts and bleacher seats that are out 24/7.They have three main people that run the club who are Connie Faria, the owner of the club, Sue Daughtry, the director of the club, and Jerry Schnieder the director of all coaches.  

Apex Volleyball currently has 36 coaches, and some coach two teams for different ages. Levels are split by age and play level. New players are put on a team at tryouts.  

The season starts at the end of November close to December. The girls practice 2 times a week for two hours and have tournaments scheduled for them all the way through April. There are Regional and National teams. Regional teams go to local tournaments, and National teams go to Kansas for most of their tournaments. 

The next tournament is for their 16-1’s team traveling to Joplin to play in the 17’s tournament. They are seated 2nd in their pool they play in and will play all the teams in their pool. The 1’s teams are the top teams that Apex has and it goes down from their in the level of play they place the girls in. Most of the girls have played together on the same team since they were 13 years old which gives them a huge advantage to grow together giving them the chance to have a solid team once they reach their last year of playing.