Seasonal Custard is the Best Custard

Trevor Goodman, Reporter

It’s not ice cream, it’s custard. As a true sweet treat fan, it is important to know the difference. The difference is that custard is thicker and creamier than ice cream. Andy’s has a seasonal flavor that they serve. Currently it is the cookie casanova. It is Andy’s frozen custard with a warm chocolate chip cookie covered with your choice of: HOT crème caramel, fudge or butterscotch and topped with a cherry.

For the taste test, I chose to go with caramel. No cherry or nuts. When I received my sundae it had a thick warm cookie placed on top. I started there and every bit was enjoyable. The cookie was soft and melted when bit into a burst of mid rich chocolate. Next, we tried the caramel which was basic but okay. The custard mixed with the caramel and small cookie pieces was a flavor bomb that went boom in my mouth. 

Being a fan of sweets makes you vulnerable to delicious desserts such as these. In saying so, I fall for them every time.