LPA 2020

Asher White, Reporter

LPA, or ¨Ladies Pay All¨ has been happening at Hillcrest for a number of years. This is the second formal dance of the year. The first dance of the year is Homecoming, renamed Regalia this year. For most LPA is a night to remember, whether that be because of that special someone or just spending time with your friends. 

This year’s theme was Scintillating, which means to shine or to sparkle. Tickets were only $10 dollars this year, and the time for the dance was 9:30-11:30p.m.This year had record breaking ticket sales. 

LPA is more than just dancing though. The money that is made goes back into our school. 

Also, boys from every grade get voted to be on court. This year the court was Zao Shatto and Toby Philyaw for Freshmen, Jeremiah Cochran and Michael Floyd for Sophomores, A.J. Taylor and Kenny Shotwell for Juniors, and Chris Attyberry, Gabe Morales,and Tyler Buff for Seniors. Chris Attyberry was crowned King for LPA.