Double Stacked Taco at Taco Bell

Emma Tracy, Reporter

Taco Bell has recently come out with a new taco with three different flavors. It is called the Double Stacked Taco. The three different flavors that you can acquire are nacho crunch, chipotle cheddar, and reaper ranch. 

The taco starts with a hard shell on the outside and then a soft taco shell as well. But in between the two shells, there is one of the three sauces. It then has meat, lettuce, and cheese. The best part is, they are only one dollar! 

The real question is if this taco is really something to keep on the menu. I tried this taco myself. I got the chipotle cheddar double stacker. It definitely is not my favorite taco there and would be open to trying another flavor. It didn’t have a whole bunch of flavor. Trevor Goodman got the nacho crunch and said, “It’s an elevated taco, and is super cheesy.” Madeline Summers on the other hand loved this taco but added a little more to it. She states, “This taco was the best taco I have ever had there. It had the perfect amount of everything, just make sure if you try it you add some sour cream.”