How Mr. Beast Got His Start

Katlin Hilliard, Reporter

Mr. Beast is an influencer that has been heard around the world whether you like him or not. Mr. Beast is known as a Youtuber that does a bunch of giveaways and challenges. But the question is, how did Mr. Beast get his start into the Youtube world?

Mr. Beast created his first Youtube video in February of 2012 at the age of 13. He attempted, unsuccessfully, to master the Youtube algorithm his first few years. Mr. Beast went from gaming videos, to commenting on Youtube drama and even offering advice on how to make Youtube videos. But, all of his attempts to hit Youtube fame had failed.

During the years 2015 and 2016, he started to gain a following. This was due to a series of videos he made called, “worst intros,” according to the company Business Insider. By the time that mid-2016 happened, he just hit 30,000 subscribers. But, in 2017, Mr. Beast first went viral due to a video he created where he counted to 100,000. 

With that success, Mr. Beast learned what the Youtube algorithm liked and continued to create content such as spinning a fidget spinner for 24 hours and so much more. Then by November 2017, Mr.Beast hit 1 million subscribers. Ever since then, he has continued his path of success and isn’t stopping any time soon.