Texas Rendezvous

Ramond Robinson, Reporter

Texas Rendezvous is a fingerboard competition that’s hosted twice a year by a girl named Kelsey Barker, and it is hosted every July. People can walk into the rendezvous and can have a session for free. Kelsey’s sponsored by Teak Tuning, Blackriver, and she’s on the Woob Sofa. She started this event back in 2012 in July when it was just a small room and one table. 

Now there’s thousands attending every year, and almost every high ranking fingerboard company helps and supports the Rendezvous; because, it was the first actual fingerboard competition. A lot of different companies come in to give free stuff to either raffle away or throw in the crowd for people to grab. Some companies even have competitions on who has the best griptape or best graphic on a board. 

Kelsey started this competition to get people that love fingerboarding on a pro-level, and beginners to get together and just sesh for a day. People around the world meet famous fingerboarders and spend one-on-one time with them.