New Year, New Series

Kinleigh Nelson-Moore, Reporter

Netflix has popped out with a brand new series called The Circle. New year, new show to obsess over, right? Netflix dropped the first 4 episodes on January 1st of the new reality social media competition The Circle, and if I do say so myself, it is totally obsess worthy. The participants compete against each other to win a $100,000 cash prize.  I’ve never seen anything like it! It is totally unique in its own way. I started the series with my boyfriend the first day it aired, and we can’t wait for the next 4 episodes to come out.

The series starts out with 8 players in an apartment complex explaining themselves, who their opponents are, and how they will play the game. The twist to it is that they don’t actually get to meet the other players face-to-face. They are to only communicate through the circle app. This app is voice command, so the players must join chats, do, or go wherever the command asks them to participate.

Players create profiles by using and uploading pictures of themselves, or of whomever they chose to be, to their profile page. They can be themselves and see if they can make it to the top, or they can catfish the other players into thinking they are somebody else’s pictures. The players can communicate with each other by the voice activated app. They must ask to create a new private chat with whomever they would like to, but is the profile they are talking to who they really say they are? This makes things tricky. They do rankings from #1 favorite player to #8 their least favorite player. The top 2 players are safe from elimination while the others must prove themselves worthy of staying on the show to win the money, but can the fakes keep that poker face? Or should I say profile. The top two rated players get to choose who they will eliminate together. 

This game will have you counting down the days to see it again. Go watch it on Netflix now! They show the release date for all future episodes.