The Rise of Jeffree Star

Katlin Hilliard, Reporter

Jeffree Star is a Youtuber, once a pop star , and the  CEO of his own company called Jeffree Star Cosmetics.Star is an influencer among our generation to men and women alike. But the question remains, how did Jeffree Star rise to the person that society knows today?

He started  as a small and somewhat known pop star living in a two story apartment in North Hollywood, CA. Then, he decided that he no longer wanted to pursue music and spent his entire life savings into starting his makeup company. That was around 4 years ago ( in 2013)  according to Shane Dawson’s, video, “ The Truth About Jeffree Star”.

According to an interview done by a member of the company Nylon, Jade Taylor in April 06, 2016, Jeffree Star says he started his own makeup line from being unhappy. He says in the interview, “ My music career had a lot of ups and downs, and it was really hard for anyone to take me seriously because I started out a very electro and festive with my lyrics. So when I tried to be more serious people weren’t accepting.” Then he ends it off with “ Long story short, my second album never came out. Then I said ‘OK, either I continue this journey and go broke,or take my life savings and start a makeup line.’ ”

Then he risked it all and he preceded to make three liquid lip colors that launched in November of 2014 on Black Friday. Jeffree Star did lips first because they were his favorite thing, plus he wanted to come out with a formal that was better than everyone else’s and not as drying or patchy. This alone took six months to complete to find the perfect formula that he desired. 

Ever since this big revolution in his life, he has continued to produce makeup for the world to use but also started a new journey as a Youtuber. He decided to pursue this because he was no longer insecure about how he did makeup and just to have fun. Plus, he wanted a change in the normal Youtube makeup styles, and he wanted to  push the boundaries of glowy and bronzy makeup.

Because of these events that occured in his life he has become the Jeffree Star we all know him as today. A Youtuber, CEO, and millionaire and he has no plans of letting anyone or anything stand in his way of what he wants.