A Wrestling Profile: Coach Wood

Lilly Spooner, Reporter

Kristopher Wood has been a wrestling coach at Hillcrest High School for four years. During those four years, Coach Wood saw a massive change in interest with the sport, ̈I’ve seen interest grow, I’ve seen more kids get involved with it, and even if they don’t stick out the whole year because of something like energy or because they quit I’m still seeing much better numbers than I saw my first year.”

In Wood’s first year of coaching, there were only four participants, and this year there are twenty on the roster. Coach Wood will gain people’s interest in the sport by talking to kids about it and getting them to come to practice for a day and try it out. When he sees conflicts between kids, he has them sort it out on the mat. He tries to ̈get kids to see the advantages to wrestling because it makes a person stronger, and makes a person aware of their shortcomings.”  Wood also wants people to acknowledge that wrestling is not like a football or basketball team where they are on the court with you, it’s just the wrestler and his opponent. The sport really challenges a wrestler and it puts them to ̈the ultimate test.”

Two years ago, a freshman joined the wrestling team. He was really struggling with wrestling, and he did not have the confidence needed to wrestle. Coach Woods greatest accomplishment as a coach was helping this freshman grow and become a great wrestler. He came really close to getting the qualification to get into districts. 

Wood’s coaching goal is to get more kids interested in wrestling ̈and really just keeping a team together all four years, like keeping a solid group of freshmen all the way through.”

Wood’s favorite part about coaching is reliving his years as a wrestler through the kids and seeing the wrestlers invest in themselves.