Tacos and Elotes

Trevor Goodman, Reporter

Don Tonos, this food place serves Mexican style food. There is now a new location in the mall that serves a big menu of their different types of culinary perfection. They also have a food truck. Don Tonos was smart about opening a new location in a busy place and adding more variety to the food court. A Mexican based stand was much needed.

At Don Tonos, we will be tasting their tacos and elotes. We will judge the food by the quality, the way it’s served, the flavor, and the total experience. These Mexican flavors can range from sweet and savory to spicy and citrusy. The flavor pallet that Mexican food provides is amazing, and so should be their food.

I interviewed two people who shall anonymous about this place. One selected the tacos and the other choose the elotes. For the first interview, chicken tacos were discussed. When asked, “When you first bit into this taco, what flavors and textures came to mind?” They responded with, “The sweet chicken and tomato with the nice acidity of the limes made for a wonderful taco.” They were also asked,  “What about these tacos did you not like?” They replied, “the tacos were kinda small but other than that they were great.” 

The second interview was about the elotes or street corn for those who don’t know. The first question we asked them is, “What is the first taste you feel after eating this?” They said, “It is so creamy and charred juiceness.” We asked if they would recommend these to any anyone else and they with a big smile said, “Yes, I would.” After all this reading you must be hungry, so why don’t you head to Don Tonos? Even if it isn’t a taco Tuesday. Its tacos everyday!